Malta Film Fund Sees Record Wave of Applications


    VALLETTA: With double the number of projects applying for a development or production grant from the Malta Film Fund this year vs 2012, officials report that the 43 current hopefuls are competing for 250,000 EUR. The winners will be announced in November/December.

    In 2008 there were two applicants for development funding and 13 seeking production grants; just four won funding. Out of the 13 projects in 2009 nine were supported by Malta Film Fund. There were 16 applications in 2011. of which eight received grants, while in 2012 the fund received 21 applications (11 for development, 10 for production) and decided to support seven development projects and six projects in production.

    After this year's deadline, 30 August, some 30 projects applied for development grants and 10 for production help. Now an independent panel of professionals including foreign experts will evaluate the projects. According the regulations of Malta Film Commission/Malta Film Fund, a project participating in the Action 1–Development section is to receive no less than 3,000 EUR and no more than 20,000 EUR, with a 60% maximum co-financing rate.

    A project participating in the Action 2–Production section will receive from 3,000 EUR to 120,000 EUR, with a 50% maximum co-financing rate. In accordance with Budgetary Measure 5641, the Malta Film Fund allotted 250,000 EUR for 2013.