Andron Starring Skin Wraps Shooting in Malta

    Shooting for Andron Shooting for Andron credit: Malta Film Commission

    VALLETTA: Francesco Cinquemani’s Sci Fi/action/adventure movie Andron-The Black Labyrinth starring Deborah Anne Dyer (aka Skin, the lead vocalist of British band Skunk Anansie) wrapped shooting in Malta on 5 September 2014 with Malta’s Falkun Films providing services.

    Falkun Films also provided services for Kon-Tiki (2012).

    Shooting in Malta started on 25 August and moved to Rome where it started on shooting on 8 September, representatives of the Italian production company AMBI Pictures told FNE.

    The film follows a group of young men and women awakening in a dark, claustrophobic maze. The prisoners, who don’t remember their names, will have to find their way out of the labyrinth of Andron by deciphering codes and signs. Francesco Cinquemani wrote the script." Andron- The Black Labyrinth comes from a series of fortuitous events and ideas that have happened to me over the years and it is a tribute to the cinema and its great masters. The film explores the myths and traditions and updates them through the use of a narrative structure of film techniques and modern technology. (...) It is a film about finding yourself, the depersonalization of the individual in this globalized civilization, but at the same time it is a film about fear of other individuals and for themselves", Cinquemani said in the Director's notes.

    Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino are producing through Italia’s company AMBI Pictures. The cast includes Leo Howard, Michelle Ryan, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Jon Kortajarena and Gale Harold. Alec Baldwin and Danny Glover are also part of the cast, but they didn't shoot in Malta. Gherardo Gossi is the DoP.The supervisor of the Special Visual Effects is Michael Kowalski (Amazing Spiderman, The Twilight Saga, Wolverine,The Incredible Hulk).

    The premiere is set for 2015.

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