Gravitas Ventures Picks Up Simshar

    Simshar by Rebecca Cremona Simshar by Rebecca Cremona

    VALLETTA: Rebecca Cremona's debut feature Simshar, Malta's first ever submission to the Oscars, has been picked up by the American sales agent Gravitas Ventures. The film will be realeased on all major VOD operators in North America on 3 November 2015, before rolling out worldwide.

    The film inspired by the tragedy that took place in the Mediterranean Sea in 2008 when the Maltese fishing boat Simshar blew up and all but one of its crew died because another fishing trawler mistook them for African immigrants and refused to rescue them, is the most ambitious Maltese film so far and the largest to date.

    The film was produced by Leslie Ann Lucey through Kukumajsa Productions Ltd and it was supported by the Malta Film Fund, by the financial incentives offered by the Malta Film Commission with various local companies and also by the Maltese community contributing through indiegogo.com.

    Lofti Abdelli and Clare Agius are starring. Simshar was released in Malta on 30 April 2014, drawing some 40,000 admissions.