Four films completed during Malta summer schedule


    Four feature films have been completed or are winding up production on Malta. The neighbouring island of Gozo also saw some summer activity when the long-running UK series Coronation Street shot there for a week.

    The Lost Treasures of the Knights Templar III is the second sequel of a popular Danish children's adventure and was shot almost entirely in Malta in June and July. The story follows Danish teenage friends on holiday in Malta in search of a lost treasure of the Templar Knights said to be buried on the island. Shooting took place in Rabat, Valletta, Mdina and various other uniquely Maltese locations such as Hagar Qim, Fort St. Angelo and the Rabat catacombs.

    A French film called Largo Winch, about a popular comic of the same name, is the work of young award-winning director Jerome Salle. Largo Winch is a successful Belgian comic book series that is extremely popular as well in France and Italy. The film stars well-known comedian Tomer Sisley in the title role, with Oscar-nominated actress Kristin Scott Thomas as the female lead. Following its wrap in Malta, the production moves on for further shooting in Sicily and Hong Kong.

    Man of East is a Russian feature film that was shot in 11 locations on Malta for a total of 45 days. The film is an espionage action thriller about Russian secret service agents. It will premiere in autumn 2008 and later will be aired as a four-part TV series.

    U-900 is a German feature film produced by Wiedemann & Berg (www.wb-film.de), producers of The Lives of Others, which won the Academy Award last year for Best Foreign-Language Picture. A comedy set on a German submarine in World War II, it is filming for 16 days in September, both on a submarine at sea and at the Malta Shipyards.

    The popular Italian series Carabinieri will be shooting on the island this month to complete the summer filming schedule.

    Separately, a Deutsche Welle TV film crew worked on Malta and Gozo from Sept. 3-7 to produce scenes from the life of Maltese opera tenor Joseph Calleja.