Agora fueled Malta economy

By FNE Staff

    Agora is credited with pumping €17.5 million into Malta's economy, as the first film to be shot in its entirety on the Mediterranean island nation.

    According to The Times of Malta, over 700 local construction crew were hired at a cost of €2 million to build a set that included an amphiteatre, which will be retained for possible use by future film productions.

    The production also utilized some 20,000 extra filming days, at a cost of €1.2 million for local hire, as well as the casting of three locals in principal roles. Another €1.2 million was spent on accomodations for cast and crew. The film required approximately 12.500 car hire weeks.

    Malta Film Commissioner (www.mfc.com) Luisa Bonello said that Malta's film incentives (cash rebate on eligible EU spending) was a factor in landing the film against competition from Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey.