Danish film shot in Malta set for release this week


    A Danish film in which the island of Malta plays itself - rather than being the location for a film set elsewhere - will be released in the next week in Malta. The Lost Treasures of the Knights Templar III, the third and final instalment of a popular Danish adventure feature for children, was shot on the island last summer.

    The film is directed by Giacomo Campeotto and is backed by M&M Productions (www.mmproductions.dk), owned by Tivi Magnusson. It is being distributed and sold by Nordisk Film (www.nordiskfilm.com), one of Scandinavia's largest film companies. It will also be telecast after its theatrical exhibition.

    The story follows Danish teenage friends on holiday on the island in search of the lost treasure of the Templar knights which is believed buried somewhere on Malta.

    Though mainly in Danish, the film also has English and Maltese dialogue, according to the Malta Independent online. Shooting took place in various locations around the island, including Rabat, Valletta and Mdina.