TV Malta Maintains Market Lead

By FNE Staff

    A new report from the Malta Broadcasting Authority (www.ba-malta.org) covering TV viewing habits in Malta in 2010 shows that domestic channel TVM has maintained its position as the leading channel in the country, increasing the number of viewers by 3.9% over 2009 results. TVM's daily audience share was 29.8%.

    The next two Maltese stations, One and Net TV, kept their same place in the rankings, with One losing 3.2% of its viewers (18.6% daily average share) and Net TV gaining 2.4% (7.6% daily average share). Foreign stations, led by Italian channels, had a total of 43.3% of the audience.

    The percentage of the population that does not watch TV dropped to its lowest figure, 17.2%, down 4.5 percentage points in the first quarter of 2011, and down nearly 10 percentage points since summer 2010.