FNE at Gdynia Film Festival: Man, Chicks Are Just Different

By FNE Staff

    {mosimage}GDYNIA: Marek Koterski explores the male view on women in his intimate dark humor comedy, Man, Chicks Are Just Different, in competition at the Polish national film festival in Gdynia (www.fpff.pl) running 7-12 May 2012.

    Man, Chicks Are Just Different is a record of two men talking about life while on a nighttime road trip. They have no illusions as they discuss their wives, ex-girlfriends and unrealized romances. The heroes of the film are unsuccessful intellectuals who are having a hard time dealing with the system change, the domination of consumerism and finally with the development of feminism. In his own darkly humorous style, Koterski brands the foolishness of all extreme views on life.

    {mosimage}Koterski is an accomplished Polish film and theater director, screenwriter and playwright, and documentary filmmaker. The author of several critical publications about literature, theater and film, he is most recognized for his film work. In 2003 he was awarded with the Ministry of Culture Annual Prize for his work for Polish cinema. His most popular and acclaimed films are Porno (www.zebrafilm.pl), Nothing Funny (www.zebrafilm.pl), Day Of The Wacko (www.zebrafilm.pl), and We're All Christs (www.vision.pl), awarded for the Best Direction at the 2006 PFF in Gdynia (www.fpff.pl). He is known for his black humor with a focus on the weaknesses of Polish society, as well as an experimental approach to the Polish language in his dialogue.

    Speaking of his experience in working on the film, said Adam Woronowicz (an actor playing one of the two leading roles alongside Robert Więckiewicz) said, "The text is the basis when it comes to a Marek Kotersi film. He is telling the story in a manner different from the rest of us; he hears the text and its rhythm. This allows a closer approach to the world of Adam Miauczyński -- we can get to know and feel his way of speaking and thinking. I agree with Robert Więckiewicz, who said that this was a gigantic lesson in humility. I hadn't worked on a film like this in my whole life; it was a hard but fascinating experience. The story is based purely on a conversation that I'm having with Robert, our dialogue, the words that we pronounce. It was a devilish idea, a risk and a challenge for us, as well as for the viewer, but it was worth it."

    The film was shot between 9 September and 22 October 2010 on location near Warsaw and Łódź. The script was written by Koterski under the pen name Adam Miauczyński, which is the name of his reoccurring character in his films. The film is produced by Studio Filmowe KADR (www.sfkard.com) in co-production with Opus Film (www.opusfilm.com), Agora SA (www.agora.pl) and Kino Świat (www.kinoswiat.pl). The budget of the picture was 4.6 million PLN with 2.5 million PLN production financing from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl).

    Man, Chicks Are Just Different premiered in Poland on 14 October 2011 distributed by Kino Świat and had one of the best openings of the year with 263,7 000 viewers and over 600,000 tickets sold to date.

    Director - Marek Koterski
    Screenwriter - "Adam Miauczyński"
    Director of photography - Jerzy Zieliński
    Production designer - Przemysław Kowalski
    Sound - Maria Chilarecka
    Editing - Ewa Smal
    Costume design by: Justyna Stolarz
    Make-up - Izabela Andrys
    Production manager - Józef Jarosz
    Production company - Kadr Film Studio
    Producer - Jerzy Kapuściński
    Executive producer - Wojciech Kabarowski
    Co-produced by - Polish Film Institute, Kino Świat, Agora S.A., Opus Film
    Co-financed by - Polish Film Institute
    Distribution - Kino Świat

    Adam Woronowicz
    Robert Więckiewicz
    Michał Koterski
    Małgorzata Bogdańska

    Production contact:
    Studio Filmowe KADR
    Puławska 61
    02- 595 Warsaw
    tel./fax [22] 845 49 23
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.