Strawberry Wine reaps festival success

By FNE Staff
    Dariusz Jablonski's Strawberry Wine took home the audience award from the 16 Trzyniec film festival in the Czech Republic before screening at the Haifa film festival.

    The Polish-Slovak co-production was shown at the 25-year-old Haifa festival along with three other Polish films: Andrzej Wajda's Katyn, Robert Glinski's Benek, and Oscar hopeful Tricks by Andrzej Jakimowsk.

    Jablonski was producer and co-writer on Strawberry Wine, and coincidentally produced Benek. The film is a co-production of Apple Film (Poland) and Trigon Production (Slovakia), and Polish TV, with funding from the Polish Film Institute. The film has been shown at almost 20 festivals worldwide, winning five awards prior to the latest prize.