Nine Projects Participate in EKRAN 2012

By FNE Staff

    {mosimage}WARSAW: The Wajda School and Wajda Studio (www.wajdaschool.pl) EKRAN preproduction training project opened its first 2012 session, taking place through 24 May, with nine participating production teams representing Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Greece.

    EKRAN is co-financed by the EU MEDIA Training Programme and partner institution in the participating countries.

    The nine projects in the 2012 session are:

    "The Red Line", dir. Nigel Uwe (Germany) - co-writer: Marco Del Bianco, producer: Jumping Horse Film.
    The history of a detective who, trying to solve a serial murder case, discovers that the incompetence of the police could have contributed to this.

    "The House", dir. Philipp Doering (Germany), writer: Christian Fehling, producer: Blue Elephant.
    The story of Robert, who meets Agatha and discovers that the history of his relationship is closely connected to the history of the house he has recently purchased and is now renovating.

    "No Colour", dir. Nicholas Peart (Switzerland), scriptwriter: Stephane Cabel, producer: Xavier Green, PS. Productions.
    Surgeon Thomas leads a quiet life in Geneva. Everything changes when he embarks on a mission to Africa and the albino child he takes care of gets kidnapped...

    "The Little Hands", written and directed by Filippo Filliger (Switzerland), co-writer François Dubos, producer: Joëlle Bertossa, Akka Films.
    After the birth of a son, staunch capitalist Matteo discovers a new calling, and resolves to save his home town's watchmaking plant, which is nearing bankruptcy.

    "We are Chinese", written and directed by Peter Keller (Austria), producer: KOP ELEVEN Filmproduktion (kop11.com).
    A Sci-Fi thriller that tackles the issue of human identity in light of contemporary philosophy of the mind.

    "Modris", written and directed by Juris Kursietis (Greece), co-writer: Vicky Miha (Latvia), producer: Boo Productions.
    Modris is a teenager whose mother is not able to raise him, thus turns him in to the police to take him into care.