PRODUCTION: TVP Crime Series Set for September Launch

    PRODUCTION: TVP Crime Series  Set for September Launch Bogusław Linda, (photo: Phillip Skraba)

    WARSAW: Accomplished Polish film directors Greg Zglinski and Borys Lankosz are shooting a new crime series Paradox for public broadcaster TV Polska (www.tvp.pl), scheduled for a 6 September 2012

    Paradoks (Paradox) follows the life of police inspector Marek Kaszowski and Joanna Majewska, a female officer of the Home Office delegated to his unit to help him but also instructed to investigate the man himself. The first season commissioned by TVP (www.tvp.pl) will consist of 13 episodes, each involving a different crime mystery which is solved by the inspector according to his own understanding of justice.

    TVP told FNE that shooting for the series launched at the end of June 2012 on location in Łódź, although the show is set in Warsaw. The series is produced by TVP Film Agency. The executive producer is Piotr Dzięcioł and his company Opus Film (www.opusfilm.com).

    The script, written by Igor Berjdygant, was chosen in a special crime series competition held by the public broadcaster as part of a broader search for new, interesting show ideas to upgrade the quality of local television production. The project is planned as a response to the new crop of foreign shows that break out of conventional script structures.

    TVP brought on board two critically acclaimed young directors, Greg Zgliński and Borys Lankosz. Zgliński's last feature Courage (www.opusfilm.com) won the Best Script and Best Debut Prizes during Gdynia Film Festival (www.fpff.pl) in 2011 while Lankosz's Reverse (www.sfkadr.com) was awarded the top Polish film prizes in 2009 and was chosen as the Polish Oscar candidate for that year. The star-studded cast is headed by Bogusław Linda and Anna Grycewicz in the leads, along with Arkadiusz Jakubik, Witold Dębicki, Ewa Skibińska, Gabriela Muskała, Andrzej Zieliński, Sebastian Pawlak,Mariusz Ostrowski and Jakub Dmochowski.

    Production Information:
    Direrctors -  Grzegorz Zgliński, Borys Lankosz, Igor Brejdygant
    Scriptwriter -  Igor Brejdygant
    Director of photograohy - Witold Płóciennik
    Production designer - Wojciech Saloni-Marczewski
    Sound - Michał Kosterkiewicz
    Production - TVP Film Agency, Opus Film

    Production contact:
    Lakowa 29, 90-554 Lodz, Poland
    tel.  +48 42 634 55 00
    fax. +48 42 634 55 49
    email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.