FilmBox Arthouse in search of excellent new features


    WARSAW: An award of 50 000 USD and screenings at the newly created FilmBox Arthouse TV Channel await filmmakers who enter the annual FilmBox Movie Award Competition.

    SPI International is on the lookout for new and challenging film productions to compete for the FilmBox Movie Award. Filmmakers who wish to submit their work will have a chance to win 50 000 USD as well as a minimum of three screenings on the new FilmBox Arthouse TV Channel. The new channel is set to launch in early 2014 and will be dedicated to carefully selected, artistic and challenging content for viewers interested in festival and independent cinema.

    Full feature films entered in the competition must be made after 2010 and will be judged based on their "topic, form, the general quality of execution as well as the emotional force contained in the work" SPI informed FNE.

    The entrees will be judged by an international panel consisting of Loni Farhi, the President of SPI International, Berk Uziyel the President of FilmBox International, Piotr Reisch the President of Kino Polska S.A. and Łukasz Brzeziński, the Program Director of the newly crated channel FilmBox Arthouse TV Channel. Filmmakers must submit their film via www.withoutabox.com by 31 March 2014. The official verdict will be announced in April 2014. Apart from TV screenings, the winning picture will also be available on SPI's VOD platform FilmBox Live.