FNE at Gdynia 2014: Gods

    Gods by  Łukasz Palkowski Gods by Łukasz Palkowski

    WARSAW: Gods, a biopic about a cardiologist who changed the face of Polish medicine, will compete at the 39th Gdynia Film Festival running 15 - 20 September 2014.

    Gods is a drama based on life and work of professor Zbigniew Religa, a prominent Polish heart surgeon who introduced the heart transplant to this part of Europe. The script written by Krzysztof Rak explores three crucial years in Religa's life when he built his team and revolutionized modern Polish medicine.

    The film is directed by Łukasz Palkowski, a Polish TV and film director most recognized for his 2007 film Reserve (Paisa Films). Gods was shot on location in Warsaw and the Mazuria and Silesia region between October and November of 2013. The film was produced by Piotr Woźniak-Starak and Krzysztof Rak of Watchout Productions in coproduction with Agora, Born To Film Productions, Digital 35, Fundacja Sztuki Filmowej Ingenium, and Orange with a budget of 6 m PLN including 2 m PLN in production financing from the Polish Film Institute.

    The leading role of Zbigniew Religa is played by Tomasz Kot. The cast includes Potr Głowacki, Szymon Piotr Warszawski, Magdalena Czerwińska, Rafał Zawierucha, Marta Ścisłowicz and Karolina Piechota.

    "I think this film has great distribution potential because a lot of Poles will be curious to see how Religa's great life work started. We didn't shoot a documentary, but the extensive research done on the work and inventions made by these people can surely give the viewer an insight to how it all took place," Kot told FNE.

    The film will open in Polish cinemas on 10 October 2014 distributed by Next Film.

    Director - Łukasz Palkowski
    Screenwriter - Krzysztof Rak
    Director of photography - Piotr Sobociński jr PSC
    Music - Bartosz Chajdecki
    Production design - Wojciech Żogała
    Costume design - Ewa Gronowska
    Sound - Jarosław Bajdowski, Michał Fojcik MPSE, Bartłomiej Bogacki
    Editor - Jarosław Barzan PSM
    Production company - Watchout Productions
    Producer -  Piotr Woźniak-Starak
    Creative producer - Krzysztof Rak
    Co-production -  Agora, Born To Film Productions, Poręczenia
    Kredytowe, Digital 35, Fundacja Sztuki Filmowej Ingenium, Orange
    Co-financing -  Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
    Distribution - Next Film

    Tomasz Kot
    Piotr Głowacki
    Szymon Piotr Warszawski
    Magdalena Czerwińska
    Rafał Zawierucha
    Marta Ścisłowicz
    Karolina Piechota

    Production contact:

    Watchout Productions
    Obserwatorów 7, Warsaw
    tel. 0048 693 054 516