FNE at Gdynia 2014: Close Ups

    Close Ups by Magdalena Piekorz Close Ups by Magdalena Piekorz

    WARSAW: Magdalena Piekorz explores the toxic nature of a mother-daughter relationship in Close Ups, a drama that will screen in the main competition of the Gdynia Film Festival running 15-20 September 2014.

    Close Ups is the story of Marta, a woman in her late 30s who struggles with breaking apart from her mother. When Marta tries to build a relationship with a man, the close bond she has with her mother becomes too much to bear. The script was co-written by Piekorz and Wojciech Kuczok. The DoP was Marcin Koszałka. The leading roles are played by Joanna Orleańska and Ewa Wiśniewska accompanied by Łukasz Simlat.

    “This is a film about closeness and its consequences. It's about how the closer we get to one another, the more we can hurt each other. We wanted to talk about everyday struggles of people who love each other. I believe that this film can work as a mirror for the viewer to see himself in,” the director told FNE. 

    The film is the third feature from Piekorz. Close Ups was shot between August and October of 2013 on location in Silesia, Katowice. The film is produced by Studio Filmowe TOR in coproduction with Fundacja Sztuki Filmowej Ingenium, the Silesia Film Institute and HBO Polska. The picture was made with a budget of 5.4 m PLN
    and was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute with a 2 m PLN production grant.

    The film will open in Polish cinemas on 24 October 2014 distributed by Kino Świat.


    Driector -  Magdalena Piekorz
    Screenwriter - Magdalena Piekorz, Wojciech Kuczok
    Director of photography - Marcin Koszałka PSC
    Music -  Adrian Konarski
    Production design - Katarzyna Sobańska, Marcel Sławiński
    Costume design - Dorota Roqueplo
    Editor - Wojciech Mrówczyński PSM
    Production company - Studio Filmowe TOR
    Producers -  Krzysztof Zanussi, Janusz Wąchała
    Co-production - Fundacja Sztuki Filmowej Ingenium, IF Silesia-Film, HBO
    Executive producer - Janusz Wąchała
    Co-financing -  Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej, Urząd Miasta Katowice
    Distribution - Kino Świat


    Joanna Orleańska
    Ewa Wiśniewska
    Łukasz Simlat
    Marieta Żukowska
    Michał Rolnicki
    Henryk Talar
    Jacek Braciak

    Production contact:

    Studio Filmowe TOR
    Puławska 61
    (48 22) 845-53-03
    (48 22) 845-53-03
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.