PRODUCTION: Dustin Loose Shoots German/Polish Ein Sommer

    Ein Sommer by Dustin Loose Ein Sommer by Dustin Loose

    GDYNIA: The German/Polish coproduction Ein Sommer is shooting in the Trójmiasto region in northern Poland. The drama directed by Dustin Loose is supported by the Polish 30% tax incentive scheme. Loose was nominated for the 2015 Student Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

    Ein Sommer is the story of Ebba, a woman who leaves her life and marriage and sets off to appear in a bear costume in a circus, travelling along the Polish coast. New experiences and an affair with the circus director make her wonder if she wants to get her husband back and return to her "old" life. As a bear, she will rediscover herself and her strength.

    The Polish company Pokromski Studio is handling production on behalf of the German company Provobis from Munich. Of the 65-member team, 70% are Poles. Marion Foradori and Radosław Zielonka are responsible for the set design, and Beata Rółkowska is responsible for the characterisation. Clemens Baumeister is the DoP.

    In addition to German and European stars Iris Berben and Rainer Bock, the film will also feature Polish actors, including Dymitr Hołówko and Ireneusz Kozioł. A total of 23 shooting days will be carried out in Poland. The premiere is scheduled for the summer of 2020.

    Ein Sommer is one of the first foreign projects that use the Polish cash rebate system. Expenses in Poland will amount to approximately 674,806 EUR / 2,900,000 PLN. The system enabling a refund of 30% of production costs (through the cash rebate) was launched by the Polish Film Institute in February of this year. Fifteen contracts with producers have been signed thus far.

    Production information:

    Production contact:
    Pokromski Studio
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    Director: Dustin Loose
    Screenwriter:  Beate Langmaack
    Cinematographer: Clemens Baumeister
    Set designer: Marion Foradori, Radosław Zielonka
    Cast: Iris Berben, Peter Mygind, Rainer Bock, Leslie Malton and Martin Brambach