Poland To Reopen Cinemas Next Week


    WARSAW: Poland has announced the reopening of cinemas and theatres starting from 12 February 2021 with a 50 percent seating capacity available. Both have been closed since 7 November 2020, and before that both cinemas and theatres were only allowed to sell 25% of places available, making operation financially unviable for most cinema operators.

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the reopening at a press conference today. Consumption of food and drink will not be permitted in cinemas at this time.

    Poland is one of the first countries in the EU to reopen its cinemas. The Polish Prime Minister said the move had been taken due to a stabilisation of the disease but that the reopening was “conditional” and that the situation would be reassessed within two weeks according to the latest information on COVID infections and other parameters.