PRODUCTION: First Polish/Indian Coproduction No Means No Opens Door To Indian Market

    No Means No by Vikash Verma No Means No by Vikash Verma

    WARSAW: The Indian/Polish thriller directed Vikash Verma has entered the post production stage. While servicing Indian productions shooting in Poland as well as across central and eastern Europe has become an important part of the production services industry this is the first coproduction between the two countries. The film will be released in Polish in Poland and in Hindi in India.

    Produced by G7 Films Poland and directed by Vikash Verma, the film has an all star cast including Indian and Polish actors such as: Gulshan Grover, Sharad Kapoor, Deep Raj Rana, Milind Joshi, Kat Kristian, Nazia Hussain (niece of actor Sanjay Dutt), Anna Ador, Jersey Handzlik, and Anna Guzik, Natalia Bak, Slywia Czech and Pawel Czech amongst others. The film was shot in Poland in 2020, on location in the Żywiecczyzna region, Bielsko-Biala, Szczyrk and Zwardoń.

    The production is also a boost for Polish locations. “Why are we shooting in Poland? When I came to Bielsko-Biała, I discovered that it is a beautiful city. I decided that a "love story" film must be made here,” said director Vikash Verma.

    “I am convinced that the film No Means No will pave the way for several such collaborative projects in the future, which will be a marvellous way to promote Poland's beautiful scenic locations. I am really thankful for pleasant and successful cooperation within the framework undertaken by such initiatives and projects,” said Malgorzata Pepek, Hon. Member of the Polish Parliament and Chairperson of the Polish and Indian Parliamentary Groups.

    The music director is Hariharan and the music producers are his sons Akshay and Karan Hariharan (also a singer). Worldwide sensation and beauty Shreya Ghoshal has showcased her singing talent for the film as well.

    The film No Means No revolves around the story of an Indian man, played by debutant Dhruv Verma, who visits Poland to participate in a ski championship and falls in love with a Polish girl. Debutant action hero Dhruv Verma was trained in action sequences by Sanjay Dutt and Hollywood action star Steven Seagal. The film follows in the wake of superstar Salman Khan's, whose superhit film Kick was shot in Warsaw, and Aamir Khan, whose Fanaa was shot in Zakopane, which in winter resembles Kashmir's scenic beauty. The hope of all parties involved is that No Means No will not only boost tourism but open the door to the vast Indian market for Polish coproductions.

    “This film is extremely important because it brings together two great countries, two great film industries - Polish and Indian. For the first time in history we are making a film together, which will be watched by viewers in Poland in Polish and in India in Hindi. This has not happened before. It is a film about respect for women, their strength and dignity. Because when a woman says "no", you have to respect it,” emphasised the Indian star Gulshan Grover, who plays one of the main roles.

    Professor Piotr Glinski, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland also in-charge of the Culture Ministry, and Damian Iryzk, Consul General of Poland in Mumbai, have played a supportive role in the making of the film. The film will be released worldwide in 2021, with no final date announced.

    Production information:

    G7 Films Poland
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    Director: Vikash Verma
    Screenwriter: Vikash Verma
    Music: Hariharan
    Cast: Gulshan Grover, Sharad Kapoor, Deep Raj Rana, Milind Joshi, Kat Kristian, Nazia Hussain (niece of actor Sanjay Dutt), Anna Ador, Jersey Handzlik, and Anna Guzik, Natalia Bak, Sylwia Czech, Pawel Czech