Two Polish films will vie for Golden Globes


    Jerzy Skolimowsk's Golden Globe hopeful Four Nights with Anna could find competition at home: recently announced Oscar candidate Tricks is also hoping to be entered in the Golden Globe foreign film race.

    Producer Skopia Film submitted for Globe "Four Nights with Anna" by Polish master Jerzy Skolimowski. Polish Film Institute decided to subsidize the presentation of the movie for Golden Globe committee in Los Angeles with 23 000 PLN. The whole cost of it is 31 100 PLN.

    Skolimowski's film - the history of forbidden and difficult love - received very good reviews after the New York Film Festival screenings. Film critic from „The New York Times" has written, that it "represents the past master accepting the challenge presented by the excellence of his own prior work". Film Catcher called it "a truly artful and humanistic film".

    - We already have the American distributor. He will decide if "Four Nights with Anna" competes also for Oscars in American categories this year - says Jerzy Skolimowski.

    Polish Oscar candidate - „Tricks" by helmer Andrzej Jakimowski probably will also run for the Globe. Polish producer - Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników - is not sure if the entry is going to be accepted by Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Rules of the award say, that only films, which were screened in their origin country after the 1st of November 2007, can compete for the Award. "Tricks" entered the cinemas on the 26th of October 2007.

    Polish Film Institute sent to Hollywood Foreign Press Association the official letter supporting „Tricks". Film „Tricks" about a boy, who tries to tempt faith to regain his father, is one of the most succesful movies of the past decade. It won a lot of awards and prizes of international festivals, including Label Europa Cinemas and Laterna Magica in Venice. It has distributor in 27 countries in the world. Next week it opens in France.