Polish filmmakers take stand on TV subscription fees


    Jacek Bromski was re-elected president of the Association of Polish Filmmakers for a third term at a general meeting of the association on Dec. 15. Bromski has been holding this function since 1996.

    Other members of the Association's board include: Wojciech Ziembicki, Krzysztof Krauze, Juliusz Machulski, Allan Starski, Janusz Kijowski, Janusz Chodnikiewicz, Zbigniew Karpowicz, Agnieszka Arnold and Filip Bajon.

    The filmmakers also expressed their concern about plans by the new government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk to end subscription fees for TV reception. In the resolution that was passed, the General Meeting of the Polish Filmmakers "unanimously expresses its concern regarding the intention to abolish the television subscription. The meeting postulates a reform of TVP S.A. that will take into account its mission objectives, without breaching its strong market position."