Poland backs top European Auteurs: Lars Von Trier AntiChrist


    Danish Auteur Lars Von Trier has created the biggest noise by far in Cannes with the premier of his controversial film AntiChrist. The film is backed by Zentropa Poland and cofinanced by the Polish Film Institute. Its not the first or last time PISF has appeared at one of Europe's top film festivals as the backer of the world's most famous auteurs.

    In 2008 PISF backed Peter Greenaway's Nightwatching and in 2007 Ken Loach's It's a Free World. The flurry of publicity around these landmark productions has certainly put Poland on the map but the reasons behind PISF's stragegy go deeper.
    Jacek Fuksiewicz head of production at PISF explains, " We join prestigious projects to combine Polish creative and technical potential with the world's great auteurs. This promotes our own cinematograpers and their technical and creative potential.

    "But this is a one way street, when we back a production the objective is to ensure that Polish creative talent will share in both the present and future productions. This helps open up Poland to the world and opens the door for our own artists."