TVP elects new board

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Bogusław Szwedo has been elected TVP board chairman, replacing controversial interim chairman Piotr Farfał.

    Szwedo and Małgorzata Wiślicka-Hińcza were elected new board members of Polish Public Television ( www.tvp.pl) on October 1, 2009. On September 30, the National Court Register removed Piotr Farfał from the TVP board along with previously suspended chairman Andrzej Urbański, and board members Sławomir Siwek and Marcin Bochenek.

    Farfał was fired from his post for disciplinary reasons with a report filed against him at the prosecutor's office. Farfał protested and refused to leave office and let the new board to take power. On his first day in in office, Szwedo asked TVP's contarctors and partners to remember that Farfał is no longer in a position to make decisions in the name of the biggest public broadcaster.

    Farfał's appointment as temporary chairman of TVP in December 2008 caused controversy conected due to his ultra conservative political connections. Farfał was also accused of questinable personnel politics within the structure of TVP, which led to a 3 month suspension in his duties as a Board member before he became the interim chairman.

    The new temporary chairman Bogusław Szwedo is a journalist, manager and founder of Radio Lewila in Tarnobrzeg as well as author of publications on Polish history. From 1996-2001 he was a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. From 2007-2009 he was a member of TVP's Borad of Supervisors and recent chairman.