Polish Film Instutute Fifth Anniversary Special: Celebrating Five Years of Accomplishments


    The Polish Film Institute, marking its fifth anniversary, has become a role model for film institutions across the region. This week FNE celebrates the accomplishments of the Polish Film Institute with a series of articles on the institute and a spotlight on Poland.

    The Polish Film Institute (PIF, www.pisf.pl) was founded in 2005 with a clear set of goals: to support the Polish film industry from the development phase through distribution, and to draw Polish audiences back to the cinemas while also producing internationally successful films.

    The success of the PIF is apparent on all levels. The national film industry has gone through one of the most remarkable turnarounds in Europe. Polish audiences have turned local films into national box office hits, and Poland achieved the highest international level of success with Oscar recognition.

    Throughout the week, FNE will publish a series of articles on about PIF and the Polish film industry in recognition of PIF's remarkable success. Happy Fifth Anniversary to the Polish Film Institute.