Major postwar drama shooting in Poland


    Shooting is under way for General "Nil" directed by Ryszard Bugajewski, based on the life of Gen. Emil Fieldorf (codename Nil), a World War II hero and prominent member of the Polish Home Army who was executed during the communist repressions of the 1950s. Like the widely acclaimed Katyn by Andrzej Wajda, the movie explores a critical episode of the Polish history.

    "The main shoot started on April 21, but we started production in March," Krzysztof Łukaszewicz, the author of the script and the second director, told FNE. "The shoot will probably end on May 21 and post-production will take about two months."

    The movie's important subject has provided it with substantial public funding from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl). "Our institute has appropriated 2 million zloty (€586,000) for the production and development of this title," PISF spokesperson Hanna Kisielińska told FNE.

    The producer of General "Nil" is Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych i Dokumentalnych (www.wfdif.com.pl). The leading role will be played by the renowned Polish actor Olgierd Łukaszewicz.