Lodz recognizes Rybczynski with honorary doctorate

By FNE Staff

    Lodz Film School gave an honorary doctorate to Polish director and Lodz graduale Zbigniew Rybczynski. The ceremony was part of the school's 60th anniversary celebration.

    Polish Radio announced the award on June 7, quoting the school's text praising Rybczynski's "unique artistic skills, innovative concepts, the creative use of the latest achievements in the arts, technology and science, as well as for the promotion of Polish cinema abroad."

    A native of Lodz, Rybczyński won the first Oscar for Poland with his 1983 animated short film Tango. He defected to the west, going on to receive an Emmy for his 1990 Great Performances production The Orchestra as well as a nomination for the Cannes Golden Palm for his short film Imagine In 1983. He is also recognized as a pioneer in the use of High Definition technique in video films.