FNE at T-Mobile New Horizons Studio: Niccolo Castelli


    WROCŁAW: The 24 participants of the 3rd New Horizons Studio, which took place during the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF (www.nowehoryzonty.pl) spoke with FNE about their current projects and their views on the international film industry.

    FNE profiles the participants during the month of August.

    Niccolò Castelli, Director (Switzerland)

    Born in southern Swiss city of Lugano in 1982, Castelli began his career in media in 1998 working as a contributor to the Italian language Swiss TV station RSI (www.rsi.ch). He studied at the DAMS Cinema department of the University of Bologna, graduating in 2006. At the same time he contributed to the project ipotesICinema (www.ipotesicinema.it) supervised by the Italian director Ermanno Olmi. From 2006 to 2008 he was enrolled in the Master’s film programme at Zurich University of the Arts, where he completed his degree film ENDSIEG – Everything Changes in One Shot. From 2008 to 2011 he worked as assistant director on several feature films and shot short films and TV documentaries. Currently he is in postproduction with his first feature Film, Tutti Giù (www.tuttigiu-film.ch).

    "I have just finished my film so it is wonderful to get a fresh perspective and new ideas during this type of a creative workshop,” Castelli told FNE.

    ” I think that our generation shouldn't think about making movies just in and about our own countries. We can and we should share ideas in order to create a more universal, European perspective. We can share our experiences to make movies about things that concern not only our nations, but the whole generation."

    Currently working on:

    Castelli is in post-production of his first feature film Tutti Giù.

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