FESTIVALS: A l’Est, du Nouveau Film Festival Announces Its 10th Edition


    The 10th edition of A l’Est, du Nouveau Film Festival will screen more than 30 films from New Europe in Normandy, France from 17 to 24 April 2015.

    Films from Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia will be screened in Rouen, Mont-Saint-Aignan, Elbeuf and Yvelot. For the first time in its history, the festival will have a rerun in Paris hosted by the Czech Center from 11 to 21 May 2015.

    The programme includes an Official Selection with eight titles representing new cinematographic trends, thematic sections such as Off the Wall, Experiment, Kluk and Homage to FAMU Film School. The jury is comprised of journalist and critic Colette de Castro (New Zealand), Michael Féron (France), owner of the Bookshop Le Rêve de l'Escalier in Rouen, and Fabrice Ricque (France), manager of the the Arthouse Cinema Ariel.

    The entire programme will also be a part of the twin festival Al Este de Lima, the only Central and Eastern European Festival in Latin America which will take place in Lima from 20 to 30 May 2015. Another edition is in preparation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A l’Est du Nouveau has been made possible in part thanks to the support of the European Commission in the context of its awareness-raising campaign over EU enlargement.