Worldwide Market Share for European Films Holds Steady


STRASBOURG: European films had a 19% market share outside of Europe in 2016, and the same share as an average for the five year period of 2012 – 2016, according to a report issued by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

While the number of European films released outside of Europe rose to 650, the share did show a 2 percent decline since 2014.

Box office in 2016 showed a 3 percent decline compared to 2015, to 18 percent.

No CEE country accounted for more than a 1 percent share of the total European film releases outside of Europe. Romania and the Czech Republic tied for 15th spot, each with six films in release outside of Europe. Poland was tied for 21st place, with four films.

The Czech Republic had the best admissions results outside Europe, with 209,928 putting it in 12th place, but not enough to register even a 1 percent share. Romania and Estonia landed in spots 19 and 20, each garnering under 40,000 admissions.

Non-domestic European films did especially poorly in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, with domestic films over 90 percent of the market share for all European films.