FNE at Venice 2019: Venice Film Festival Programme Announced: Vaclav Marhoul’s Painted Bird Lands in Main Competition Slot

Director Vaclav Marhoul Director Vaclav Marhoul

VENICE: Czech/Ukrainian/Slovak coproduction The Painted Bird by Václav Marhoul has been selected for the Venezia 76 Competition of the Venice International Film Festival of the Biennale di Venezia. Several other films from Central and Eastern Europe will screen in different sections of the festival that will take place from 28 August to 7 September 2019.

Alexander Nanau’s documentary collective / colectiv (a coproduction between Romania and Luxembourg) and Sergei Loznitsa’s doc State Funeral (a Dutch / Lithuanian coproduction) were selected in the Official Selection – Out of Competition.

German / Bulgarian coproduction Pelikanblut directed by Katrin Gebbe, Georgian / Russian coproduction The Criminal Man / Borotmokmedi directed by Dmitry Mamuliya and Italian / Polish coproduction Sole directed by Carlo Sironi will screen in the Orizzonti Competition.

Sh_t Happens, a coproduction between Czech Republic, Slovakia and France directed by David Štumpf and Michaela Mihályi was selected in Orizzonti Short Films Competition.

A new digital copy in 4K of the Czech film Ecstasy / Extase directed by Gustav Machatý and starring Hedy Kiesler (Hedy Lamarr) will be screened at the Pre-opening event of the 76th Venice International Film Festival of the Biennale di Venezia on 27 August 2019.

Polish production Whispers / Szepty by Patryk Jordanowicz and Jacek Nagłowski will be presented out of competition in the Venice Virtual Reality Biennale College Cinema VR.

As for the sidebar sections, Polish/French coproduction Corpus Christi directed by Jan Komasa will screen in the Venice Days – Giornate degli Autori’s competition, while Parthenon / Partenonas by Mantas Kvedaravičius (a Lithuanian / Ukrainian / French coproduction) was selected for the Critics’ Week’s Competition.


Venezia 76 Competition:

The Perfect Candidate (Saudi Arabia, Germany)
Directed by Haifaa Al Mansour

About Endlessness / Om det oändliga (Sweden, Germany, Norway)
Directed by Roy Andersson 

Wasp Network (France, Belgium)
Directed by Olivier Assayas

Marriage Story (USA)
Directed by Noah Baumbach 

Guest of Honour (Canada)
Directed by Atom Egoyan 

Ad Astra (USA)
Directed by James Gray 

A Herdade (Portugal, France)
Directed by Tiago Guedes 

Gloria Mundi (France, Italy)
Directed by Robert Guédiguian 

Waiting for the Barbarians (Italy)
Directed by Ciro Guerra 

The Truth / La vérité (France, Japan)
Directed by Kore-eda Hirokazu 

Saturday Fiction / Lan xin da ju yuan (China)
Directed by Ye Lou 

Ema (Chile)
Directed by Pablo Larraín 

Martin Eden (Italy, France)
Directed by Pietro Marcello 

La mafia non è più quella di una volta (Italy)
Directed by Franco Maresco 

The Painted Bird (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovak Republic)
Directed by Václav Marhoul
Produced by Silver Screen
Coproduced by the Czech Television, Directory Films, PubRes and RTVS
Supported by the Czech State Cinematography Fund, Creative Europe – MEDIA, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Ukrainian State Film Agency

The Mayor of Rione Sanità / Il sindaco del Rione Sanità (Italy)
Directed by Mario Martone 

Babyteeth (Australia)
Directed by Shannon Murphy 

Joker (USA)
Directed by Todd Phillips 

J’accuse (France, Italy)
Directed by Roman Polanski 

The Laundromat (USA)
Directed by Steven Soderbergh 

No. 7 Cherry Lane / Ji Yuan Tai Qi Hao (Hong Kong)
Directed by Yonfan 

Out of Competition:


Seberg (USA)
Directed by Benedict Andrews 

To Live / Vivere (Italy)
Directed by Francesca Archibugi 

The Burnt Orange Heresy (UK, Italy)
Directed by Giuseppe Capotondi 

Mosul (USA)
Directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan 

Adults in the Room (France, Greece)
Directed by Costa-Gavras

The King (UK, Hungary)
Directed by David Michôd 

Tutto il mio folle amore (Italy)
Directed by Gabriele Salvatores


Woman (France)
Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Anastasia Mikova 

Roger Waters Us + Them (UK)
Directed by Sean Evans, Roger Waters 

I diari di Angela - Noi due cineasti. Capitolo secondo (Italy
Directed by Yervant Gianikian 

Citizen K (UK, USA)
Directed by Alex Gibney 

Citizen Rosi (Italy)
Directed by Didi Gnocchi, Carolina Rosi 

The Kingmaker (USA)
Directed by Lauren Greenfeld 

State Funeral (the Netherlands, Lithuania)
Directed by Sergei Loznitsa
Produced by Atoms & Void
Coproduced by Uljana Kim
Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre 

collective / colectiv (Romania, Luxembourg)
Directed by Alexander Nanau
Produced by Alexander Nanau Production
Coproduced by Samsa Film Luxembourg and HBO Europe 
Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Luxemburg Film Fund and Sundance Documentary Fund, with the contribution of RTS Switzerland, YES Docu and MDR Germany 

45 Seconds of Laughter (USA)
Directed by Tim Robbins 

Il pianeta in mare (Italy)
Directed by Andrea Segre

Special Screenings:

No One Left Behind (Mexico)
Directed by Guillermo Arriaga 

Electric Swan (France, Greece, Argentina)
Directed by Konstantina Kotzamani 

Irréversible - Inversion intégrale (France)
Directed by Gaspar Noé 

Zerozerozero (Italy)
Directed by Stefano Sollima

The New Pope (Italy, France, Spain)
Directed by Paolo Sorrentino 

Never Just a Dream: Stanley Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut (UK)
Directed by Matt Wells 

Eyes Wide Shut (USA, UK)
Directed by Stanley Kubrick 


Orrizonti Competition:

Zumiriki (Spain)
Directed by Oskar Alegria 

Bik eneich - Un fils (Tunisia, France, Lebanon, Qatar)
Directed by Mehdi M. Barsaoui 

Blanco en Blanco (Spain, Chile, France, Germany)
Directed by Theo Court 

Mes jours de gloire (France)
Directed by Antoine de Bary 

Nevia (Italy)
Directed by Nunzia De Stefano 

Pelikanblut (Germany, Bulgaria)
Directed by Katrin Gebbe
Produced by Junafilm
Coproduced by Miramarfilm
Supported by SWR, ARTE, TORINO FILM LAB 2017, Berlin Int. Filmfestival Co-Production Market 

Moffie (South Africa, UK)
Directed by Oliver Hermanus 

Rialto (Ireland, UK)
Directed by Peter Mackie Burns 

The Criminal Man / Borotmokmedi (Georgia, Russia)
Directed by Dmitry Mamuliya
Produced by Millimeter Film
Supported by the Georgian National Film Centre  

Revenir (France)
Directed by Jessica Palud

Giants Being Lonely (USA)
Directed by Grear Patterson 

Verdict (Philippines)
Directed by Raymund Ribay Gutierrez 

Just 6.5 / Metri Shesho Nim (Iran)
Directed by Saeed Roustaee 

Shadow of Water / Chola (India)
Directed by Sasidharan Sanal Kumar 

Hava, Maryam, Ayesha (Afghanistan)
Directed by Sahraa Karimi 

Sole (Italy, Poland)
Directed by Carlo Siron
Produced by Kino Produzioni
Coproduced by Lava Film, in collaboration with RAI Cinema
Supported by MiBAC, Eurimages, Lazio Cinema International and the Polish Film Institute 

Madre (Spain, France)
Directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen 

Balloon / Qiqiu (China)
Directed by Pema Tseden 

Atlantis (Ukraine)
Directed by Valentyn Vasyanovych 

Orizzonti Short Films Competition:

Superheroes without Superpowers / Supereroi senza superpoteri (Italy)
Directed by Beatrice Baldacci 

Kingdom Come (UK)
Directed by Sean Robert Dunn 

Give Up The Ghost (Jordan, Sweden)
Directed by Zain Duraie 

After Two Hours, Ten Minutes Had Passed / Nach zwei Stunden waren zehn Minuten vergangen (Germany)
Directed by Steffen Goldkamp 

The Diver (France, Australia)
Directed by Jamie Helmer, Michael Leonard 

Roqaia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh)
Directed by Diana Saqeb Jamal 

Sand / Morae (South Korea)
Directed by Kyungrae Kim 

The Tears Thing / Le coup des larmes (France)
Directed by Clémence Poesy 

Delphine (Canada)
Directed by Chloé Robichaud 

Darling (Pakistan, USA)
Directed by Saim Sadiq 

Sh_t Happens (Czech Republic, Slovakia, France)
Directed by David Štumpf, Michaela Mihályi 

Dogs Barking at Birds / Cães que ladram aos pássaros (Portugal)
Directed by Leonor Teles 

Austral Fever / Fiebre austral (Chile)
Directed by Thomas Woodroffe 

Orizzonti Short Films Out of Competition:

Condor One (USA)
Directed by Kevin Jerome Everson 

GUO4 (Hungary)
Directed by Peter Strickland 

Venice Classics (Selected):

Ecstasy / Extase (Cehoslovakia)
Directed by Gustav Machatý

Venice Virtual Reality:

Biennale College Cinema VR – Out of Competition (Selected):

Whispers / Szepty (Poland)
Directed by Patryk Jordanowicz, Jacek Nagłowski



Only the Animals (France, Germany)
Directed by Dominik Moll 

You Will Die At 20 (Sudan, France, Egypt, Germany, Norway)
Directed by Amjad Abu Alala

A Bigger World (France, Belgium)
Directed by Fabienne Berthaud 

The Weeping Woman (Guatemala, France)
Directed by Jayro Bustamante

The Long Walk (Laos, Spain, Singapore)
Directed by Mattie Do

Beware of Children (Norway, Sweden)
Directed by Dag Johan Haugerud

5 Is the Perfect Number (Italy, Belgium, France)
Directed by Igort

Corpus Christi (Poland, France)
Directed by Jan Komasa
Produced by Aurum Film
Coproduced by WFS Walter Film Studio, Wojewódzki Dom Kultury in Rzeszow, Canal+ , Les Contes Modernes
Supported by the Polish Film Institute

Arab Blues (Tunisia, France)
Directed by Manele Labidi 

They Say Nothing Stays The Same / Aru Sendo No Hanashi (Japan)
Directed by Jo Odagiri 

Lingua Franca (US, Philippines)
Directed by Isabel Sandoval

Out of Competition:

Time of the Untamed (France)
Directed by Bartabas

Miu Miu Women’s Tales:

Shako Mako (Italy, US)
Directed by Hailey Gates

Brigitte (Italy, UK)
Directed by Lynne Ramsay

Special Events:

My Brother Chases Dinosaurs (Italy, Spain)
Directed by Stefano Cipani

House of Cardin (USA)
Directed by P David Ebersole, Todd Hughes

Il prigioniero (Italy)
Directed by Federico Olivetti

Scherza con i fanti (Italy)
Directed by Gianfranco Pannone

Mondo Sexy (Italy)
Directed by Mario Sesti

Burning Cane (USA)
Directed by Phillip Youmans 

Venetian Nights:

La legge degli spazi bianchi (Italy)
Directed by Mauro Caputo

Emilio Vedova, dalla parte del naufragio (Italy)
Directed by Tomaso Pessina

The Great Green Wall (UK)
Directed by Jared P Scott

Cercando Valentina (Italy)
Directed by Giancarlo Soldi

Sufficiente (Italy)
Directed by Maddalena Stornaiuolo, Antonio Ruocco 



All This Victory / Jeedar El Sot (Lebanon, France, Qatar)
Directed by Ahmad Ghossein 

Parthenon / Partenonas (Lithuania, Ukraine, France)
Directed by Mantas Kvedaravičius 
Produced by Studio Uljana Kim
Coproduced by ESSE Production House, Rouge International, Extimacy Films
Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre 

The Prince / El Principe (Chile, Argentina, Belgium)
Directed by Sebastian Muñoz 

Psychosia / Psykosia (Denmark, Finland)
Directed by Marie Grahtø 

Rare Beasts (UK)
Directed by Billie Piper 

Scales / Sayidat Al Bahr (UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia)
Directed by Shahad Ameen 

Tony Driver (Italy, Mexico)
Directed by Ascanio Petrini 

Special Event Out of Competition – Opening film:

Bombay Rose (UK, India, France)
Directed by Gitanjali Rao 

Special Event Out of Competition – Closing film:

Sanctorum (Mexico, Qatar, Dominican Republic)
Directed by Joshua Gil