FNE AV Innovation: Artinii: Environmentally Friendly Way of Film Distribution

By Ctirad Hemelík, Chief business development at Artinii and Žofie Strachotová Artinii Head of Acquisitions

    As the world is facing an environmental crisis it is important to look for solutions in every industry. And even though it may be surprising for some, the film delivery industry does add greatly to the carbon footprint as films are often shipped physically through aerial or ship transfer. That is why Artinii provides a revolutionary technology that frees the film distribution from these harmful processes and takes another step towards a brighter future. Why is the Artinii film distribution not only environmentally but also time and cost efficient?

    The unknown process of film distribution - from the sender to the screening placeartinii

    It may look inconspicuous, but the air transportation of a film is a part of the carbon pollution just like any other passenger sitting on a plane would be. So, what does the journey of a film unit involve?  Imagine a Spanish producer sending a film to a film festival screening venue all the way to Japan. As any other package for delivery, this film has to be carefully packed so it doesn’t get damaged during the process of physical transportation.

    Then it is up to the financials and time limits that decide what type of transportation is going to take place. Mostly aviation is prefered since it is way faster even though less convenient pricewise. Also remember, that it is not possible to simply send a carrier-pigeon with the film unit to board that specific plane and then deliver it to the hand of the screener. More likely a paid car transportation (and also transported human force) is going to cover this step.

    Regarding such a difficult process let's admit, it is time for a change.

    What could be changed?

    What if we removed the steps of the time consuming sealing and packing, expensive transportation means, poisoning waste produced from the packaging, delays and most importantly, the earth suffocating ways that we use regarding the transportation means for the film delivery?

    There is a solution which makes the whole film distribution system more time and financially efficient but it mainly limits the sources of the air pollution. A system where the developers made it possible to send the film as a digital film file instead of a hard drive. A file that is 100% encrypted and piracy bulletproof and especially so easy to send around the world. People on the other end can screen in only a few hours. All this while being ecologically and time efficient and additionally waste mindful. 

    Right here Artinii takes over.

    Film delivery and Film Marketplace just a click away

    Artinii is a platform that has digitised the entire process of film distribution while maintaining the highest security measures and a bullet-proof piracy technology for the distributed films. By digitising the entirety of the film distribution process Artinii is able to minimise the amount of waste pollution potentially created.

    There are two main target groups for Artinii. Screeners and Filmmakers. There are also two main products, Film Marketplace and Film Delivery. Last but not least there is the innovative technology shielding the films from piracy attempts - Artinii Cinema Player (now free to download on MS Store). In this step the distribution technology ensures to prevent the film from any loss of its value. Films which are purchased are automatically downloaded into the player. There is no open middle step that would present a risk of plagiarism interference.

    Screeners are able to go to Artinii Film Marketplace, choose a licensed film from the library and on the same day organise a legal public screening with it. Online, quick, without any human touch involved. Filmmakers are able to upload their film to Artinii and either publish it into the Film Marketplace for screeners to purchase, from which the filmmakers receive revenue and/or they can privately send the film through Artinii Film Delivery to anybody, anywhere in the world. Actually it is possible to accommodate even hundreds more festivals and venues than with the typical physical sending of film copies. On both ends the final screening is possible only through the Artinii Cinema Player, that makes sure films get screened only for the paid number of times, detects and blocks any screen recording softwares and decrypts the film gradually so there is never a fully decrypted copy on the device.

    So how is this environmentally beneficial?

    Film Delivery: Filmmakers can send high quality films digitally anywhere in the world

    When it comes to filmmakers who upload the films to Artinii, the first and most important benefit is that this whole process is completely digitised and takes only a few minutes time. Once the film is uploaded both Film Marketplace option and Film Delivery option are again happening completely online. Screeners simply browse the library, choose their film, download it and are ready to screen, no need for lengthy communications regarding the license, overblown payments and then physical delivery of the film copy.

    On the other hand, Artinii film Marketplace is the place for the screeners who intend to organise a public screening. And it could be held literally anywhere in the world. For the film to upload and to send this fact makes no difference. In only a few hours the licenced film can be delivered at the location where it is needed. Internet connection is not necessary for the screening itself.

    There is beauty in simplicity. Just as if you would make any other online purchase. Regarding Film Delivery, you make your online purchase to send the film, or Film Marketplace, where you make your online purchase to order the licensed film. The process of film delivery has never been easier and cleaner.

    The environmentally friendly approach in the film distribution

    As you can see, during the whole process of distribution there is no physical transportation engaged. No poisoning waste produced, no oil leaks and almost zero traces of carbon footprint in any part of this revolutionary distribution technology.

    Finally we have the chance to watch all films without contributing to the air polluting processes through its delivery. But the Artinii distribution goes even further. There are no limits to how many films can be sent and there are no restrictions to the venues, where the films can be screened at. Having such a complex platform for film distribution, let's discover what the biggest commercial benefits are for the filmmakers and right holders regarding this additional lane in film distribution.

    Ctirad Hemelík and Žofie StrachotováAbout the Authors:

    Ctirad Hemelík - Chief business development officer at Artinii & Mytitle, entrepreneur in the field of personal development as the director of The Evolution Festival or the founder of Felicius.

    Žofie Strachotová - Head of Acquisitions at Artinii, previously Program manager at prestigious internationally documentary workshop dok.incubator, Production manager at various film festivals and a documentary producer at the GPO Platform.

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