Eleven Films from FNE Partner Countries Receive Eurimages Grants


    STRASBOURG: Four coproductions from Slovakia and the Czech Republic were among the eleven films from FNE member countries that received funding in the December 2021 round of Eurimages grants.

    A higher than usual number of animated films and documentaries were funded, including three documentaries and one animated film from FNE territories.

    Slovenia also had a strong showing, with three films awarded funding. The largest grant, of 380,000 EUR, was given to Of Unwanted Things and People, an animated film with Slovak, Czech, and Slovenian participation.

    The following films received grants on 9 December 2022:

    Caravan €250 000
    Director: Zuzana Kirchnerová (Czech Republic)
    Production Companies: Master Film (Czech Republic), Tempesta (Italy), Nutprodukcia (Slovak Republic)

    Emma and the Death’s Head €330 000
    Director: Iveta Grofova (Slovak Republic)
    Production Companies: Pubres (Slovak Republic), Total Helpart (Czech Republic)

    Fiume o Morte €140 000  (Documentary)
    Director: Igor Bezinović (Croatia)                                                             
    Production Companies: Restart (Croatia), Videomante (Italy), Nosorogi (Slovenia)

    Five and a Half Love Stories in an Apartment in Vilnius  €230 000
    Director: Tomas Vengris (Lithuania)
    Production Companies: Studio Uljana Kim (Lithuania), Locomotive Productions (Latvia), Tiger Darling Productions (Ireland)

    Jan Mancuska: You Will Never See It All €30 000 (Documentary)    
    Director: Štěpán Pech (Czech Republic)
    Production Companies: Mannschaft (Czech Republic), Filmsomnia (Slovak Republic)

    Kretsul €48 000
    Director: Aleksandra Likhacheva (Russian Federation)
    Production Companies: Wish Media / Metrafilms (Russian Federation), UAB Artbox (Lithuania)

    Mother Mara €170 000
    Director: Mirjana Karanović (Serbia)
    Production Companies: This and That Productions (Serbia), Paul Thiltges Distributions (Luxembourg), Deblokada (Bosnia and Herzegovina), December (Slovenia), VHS (Montenegro)

    Of Unwanted Things and People €380 000 (Animation)
    Directors: Patrik Pašš Jr. (Slovak Republic) Leon Vidmar (Slovenia), David Súkup (Czech Republic), Jean-Claude Rozec (France)
    Production Companies: Maur Film (Czech Republic), Les Productions Vivement Lundi! (France), Artichoke (Slovak Republic), Zvviks (Slovenia)                                                                

    R.M.N €420 000
    Director: Cristian Mungiu (Romania)
    Production Companies: Mobra Films (Romania), Why Not Productions (France), Les Films Du Fleuve (Belgium)

    Suddenly €85 000
    Director: Melisa Fatma Önel Tecimen (Turkey)
    Production Companies: Aniden Film / Vigo Film (Turkey), Zischlermann Filmproduktion (Germany), Digitalkraft (Serbia)

    The Land You Belong €65 000 (Documentary)
    Director: Elena Rebeca Carini (Italy)                                      
    Production Companies: Small Boss (Italy), Luna Film (Romania)