Seven Projects from FNE Partner Countries Receive Coproduction Support from Eurimages


    STRASBOURG: Projects by Ralitza Petrova, Hanna Slak, Una Gunjak, Signe Birkova, Ivan Zachariáš, and Alexandru Solomon are among the seven majority and minority coproductions from FNE partner countries that received coproduction support from Eurimages in its last batch, the results of which were announced on 30 March 2022.

    In all, the Executive Committee of the Fund decided to support 23 feature films, including seven documentaries and one animated film, with a total amount of 5,516,000 EUR.

    Projects from FNE Partner Countries Supported by Eurimages in March 2022:

    Arsenie. An Amazing Afterlife (Romania, Luxembourg), Documentary 59,000 EUR
    Directed by Alexandru Solomon
    Produced by microFILM
    Coproduced by PTD Distribution

    End of the World (Czech Republic, Slovakia) 276,000 EUR
    Directed by Ivan Zachariáš
    Produced by Luminar Film
    Coproduced by Filmpark Production

    Excursion (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Norway, Serbia)  119,000 EUR
    Directed by Una Gunjak
    Produced by SCCA/PRO.BA
    Coproduced by Nukleus Film Croatia, Mer Film i Vest, Film House Bas Celik

    Lotus (Latvia, Lithuania) 100,000 EUR
    Directed by Signe Birkova
    Produced by Locomotive Productions
    Coproduced by Studio Uljana Kim

    Lust (Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden) 182,000 EUR
    Directed by Ralitza Petrova
    Produced by Aporia Filmworks / Screening Emotions
    Coproduced by Snowglobe, Silver Films

    Not a Word (Germany, Slovenia, France) 295,000 EUR
    Directed by Hanna A Slak
    Produced by Volte, Balague & Legrand
    Coproduced by Tramal Films / Staragara, Ici et la Productions

    Things That You Kill (France, Poland, Canada)  105,000 EUR
    Directed by Alireza Khatami
    Produced by Fulgurance Films / Remora Films
    Coproduced by Lava Films, Tell Tall Tale / Les Films Band with Pictures

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