Films from FNE Partner Countries Nominated for European Children’s Film Association Awards

    The Crossing by Florence Miailhe The Crossing by Florence Miailhe credit: Maur Film

    BERLIN: Six films produced or coproduced by FNE partner countries are among the titles nominated as the Best European Children’s Film of 2022 in three categories: feature film, documentary and short film.

    The 150 members from 41 countries of the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) are now voting for the winners, which will be announced at the Berlin International Film Festival on 18 February 2023.

    A number of European children and youth film festivals, all members of ECFA, are selected annually to host an ECFA jury and vote for the ECFA Award of their particular festival. Each festival adds their winning film to a shortlist of nominated films, competing for the overall award. The final vote is open to all ECFA members.

    Films from FNE Partner Countries Nominated at the European Children’s Film Association Awards:

    How I Learned to Fly (Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia)   Feature film
    Directed by Radivoje  Andrić
    Produced by SENSE Production
    Coproduced by Kinorama, Art Fest, Silverart
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Bulgarian National Film CenterEurimagesMEDIA Creative Europe, the SEE Cinema Network, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    The Crossing (France, Germany, Czech Republic), Long animated film
    Directed by Florence Miailhe
    Produced by Les Films de l'Arlequin
    Coproduced by Balance Film; Maur Film; Xbo Films; ARTE France Cinéma
    Supported by the CNC, FFA, the Czech Film Fund, Eurimages, Creative Europe MEDIA

    Too Old for Fairy Tales (Poland) Feature film
    Directed by Kristoffer Rus
    Produced by Pokromski Studio

    The Turnip (Estonia) Short animated film
    Directed by Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu
    Produced by Animailm (animailm.ee)

    Suzie in the Garden (Czech Republic, Slovakia) Short animated film
    Directed by Lucie Sunkova
    Produced by Maur Film
    Coproduced by Superfilm

    Orchestra from the Land of Silence (Slovakia, Afghanistan) Short fiction film
    Directed by Lucia Kasova
    Produced by Pohoda festival, s. r. o.

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