Projects from FNE Partner Countries Supported by Europa Cinemas’ Collaborate to Innovate 2023


    PARIS: Nine projects from FNE partner countries are among the 17 new projects selected for support in the framework of the 3rd edition of Europa Cinemas’ Collaborate to Innovate programme.

    These nine projects include cinemas from Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

    The total support is almost 1.4 m EUR and each project will receive maximum 100,000 EUR.

    The 17 projects represent 99 cinemas of which 91 are members of Europa Cinemas network. This is the highest number of projects supported to date by this programme initiated by Europa Cinemas with support from Creative Europe MEDIA.

    Projects from FNE Partner Countries among Collaborate to Innovate Projects 2023:

    Let’s Start From 0+! (Croatia)
    Project coordinator: Kino Mediteran Bačvice (Split)

    Partner cinemas: Art-kino Croatia (Rijeka), Kino Sloboda (Dubrovnik), Jadran Open-Air Cinema (Dubrovnik), Kino Mediteran Bol (Bol), Kino Mediteran Supetar (Supetar), Kino Mediteran Hvar (Hvar), Kino Mediteran Lastovo (Lastovo), Kino Mediteran Imotski (Imotski), Kino Mediteran Podgora (Podgora), Kino Mediteran Makarska (Makarska)

    Cinemas 4 You(th) - C4Y (Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia)
    Project coordinator: Tisza Mozi (Szolnok)

    Partner cinemas: Kino Urania (Osijek), Kino Úsmev (Košice), Béke & Uránia Art Mozi (Miskolc)

    Playing Cinema (Lithuania, Croatia)
    Project coordinator: Cinema Centre Romuva (Kaunas)

    Partner cinemas: Kino Gaj (Varaždin), Kino Valli (Pula)

    Kino Bez Barier - Edycja Polska / Cinema Without Barriers - Polish Edition (Poland)
    Project coordinator: Kino Pałacowe (Poznań)

    Partner cinemas: Kino Echo (Jarocin), Kino Nowe Horyzonty (Wrocław)

    Quiet, Camera, Action! or Youth Film Code (Poland)
    Project coordinator: Kino Odeon (Sochaczew)

    Partner cinemas: Kino Światowid (Elbląg), Kino Kameralne Cafe (Gdańsk)

    Face to Face with European Cinema (Poland, Germany, Spain)
    Project coordinator: Gdynia Film Centre (Gdynia)

    Partner cinemas: Charlie Cinema (Lodz), Thalia Cinema (Potsdam), Cinema Catalunya (Terrassa), Cinema Casablanca (Valladolid), Cinema Broadway (Valladolid), Cinema Manhattan (Valladolid)

    Cinema Together: Building Communities. Connecting Audience (Romania)
    Project coordinator: Cinema Victoria (Cluj-Napoca)

    Partner cinemas: Cinema Ateneu Iasi (Iași), Cinema Arta (Sfantu Gheorghe)

    Euro Fest for Kids (Serbia)
    Project coordinator: Kombank Dvorana (Belgrade)

    Partner cinemas: Leskovacki kulturni centar (Leskovac), Kulturni centar (Gornji Milanovac)

    Regional Synergy for New Cinema Going Experience (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary)
    Project coordinator: Eurocinema (Subotica)

    Partner cinemas: Belvarosi Mozi (Szeged), Kino Velebit (Koprivnica), Mestni kino Ptuj (Ptuj)

    Click HERE for the press release with the full list of supported projects.