Ten Projects from FNE Partner Countries Receive Co-production Support from Eurimages


    STRASBOURG: New film projects by Ildikó Enyedi, George Ovashvili and Filip Remunda are among the 29 winners of Eurimages Co-production support on 27 November 2023.

    The 29 film projects include seven documentaries and three animated films, and 14 of them are directed by women.

    The total amount of funding is 8.13 m EUR.

    Projects from FNE Partner Countries Selected for Eurimages Co-production Support:

    Drowning Dry (Lithuania, Latvia) 150,000 EUR
    Directed by Laurynas Bareiša

    Last Letters from My Grandma (Belgium, Romania, the Netherlands, Moldova) 150,000 EUR  Documentary
    Directed by Olga Lucovnicova

    Love Exposed (Czech Republic, Slovakia) 100,000 EUR Documentary
    Directed by Filip Remunda

    Nightborn (Finland, Lithuania, France) 475,000 EUR
    Directed by Hanna Bergholm

    Silent Friend (Germany, France, Hungary) 500,000 EUR
    Directed by Ildikó Enyedi

    Skateboarding Is Not for Girls (North Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia) 350,000 EUR
    Directed by Dina Duma (North Macedonia)

    The Ground Beneath Our Feet (Iceland, Poland) 48,000 EUR Documentary
    Directed by Ysra Roca Fannberg

    The Last Nomads (Serbia, France, Slovenia, Montenegro, Belgium) 150,000 EUR Documentary
    Directed by Biljana Tutorov and Peter Glomazic

    The Moon Is a Father of Mine (Georgia, Germany, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Czech Republic) 118,000 EUR
    Directed by George Ovashvili

    Year of the Widow (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia) 240,000 EUR
    Directed by Veronika Liskova

    Click HERE for the full list of projects supported by Eurimages at the session held on 27 November 2023.