FNE at Berlinale 2024: New Titles from FNE Partner Countries in 74th Berlinale Selection

    Room 404 by Elysa Wendi and Shing Lee Wai Room 404 by Elysa Wendi and Shing Lee Wai source: berlinale.de

    BERLIN: New titles selected for the 74th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival have been announced, including projects from the Berlinale Co-production Market (17 - 21 February 2024). The festival will be held 15 – 25 February 2024.

    The list includes the German/Czech documentary Those Days in Terezín (1997) by Sybylle Schönemann in Forum Special, short documentary Room 404 (Poland, Hong Kong, China) by Elysa Wendi and Shing Lee Wai in Forum Expanded, and short film Resentment / Obraza (USA, Lithuania) by Gleb Osatinski in Generation.

    New selected titles in the aforementioned sections will be announced soon, alongside Competition and Panorama sections.

    Five projects from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia are among the 18 projects chosen for the Official Selection of the Berlinale Co-production Market. Other projects and talents from FNE partner countries were selected for Berlinale Directors Projects and Talent Project Market Projects and Selected Producer Talents.


    Forum Special:

    Those Days in Terezín / Diese Tage in Terezín (Germany, Czech Republic), Documentary
    Directed by Sybylle Schönemann

    Forum Expanded:

    Room 404 (Poland, Hong Kong, China)
    Directed by Elysa Wendi, Shing Lee Wai


    Resentment / Obraza (USA, Lithuania), Short film
    Directed by Gleb Osatinski

    Berlinale Co-production Market:

    Official Selection:

    Divorce During the War (Lithuania)
    Directed by Andrius Blaževičius
    Produced by M-Films

    Antonivka (Ukraine, Lithuania)
    Directed Kateryna Gornostai
    Produced by Moon Man
    Coproduced by Just a Moment

    Ich bin Marika (Hungary)
    Directed by Hajni Kis
    Produced by Proton Cinema

    Remains of Life (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Sevda Shishmanova
    Produced by Red Carpet

    Folk Play (Serbia)
    Directed by Mirjana Karanović
    Produced by This and That Productions

    Berlinale Directors Projects:

    Twist the Rabbit (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Mira Fornay
    Produced by Cineart
    Coproduced by Mirafox

    Talent Project Market Projects and Selected Producer Talents:

    Pogana (Croatia)
    Directed by David Kapac
    Produced by Eclectica (producer: Rea Rajčić)

    Uptight Ass (Serbia)
    Directed by Matija Gluščević
    Produced by Naked (producer: Čarna Vučinić)