WEMW 2024 Announces Selection for Co-production Forum, Last Stop Trieste, This is IT, First Cut+ and EAVE Slate


    TRIESTE: The 14th edition of When East Meets West (WEMW, 21 – 24 January 2024) has announced the selection for Co-production Forum, Last Stop Trieste, This is IT, First Cut+ and EAVE Slate. WEMW takes place as usual within the Trieste Film Festival, whose 35th edition will be held 19 – 27 January 2024.

    A total of 21 film projects in development from 18 countries have been chosen for the Co-Production Forum from among no less than 486 submissions. The list includes nine long documentaries, nine feature films and three short animated films.

    Last Stop Trieste will present six creative documentaries that were previously selected for one of the partner platforms: Ex Oriente Film, Docu Rough Cut Boutique, Balkan Discoveries, Baltic Sea Docs and ZagrebDox Pro.

    This is IT will present nine works in progress ready for festival premiere/international distribution.

    First Cut+ will introduce to sales and festival programmers eight titles from Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Kosovo, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

    A total of 12 companies from European and Latin American territories have been selected for the 3rd edition of the innovative programme EAVE Slate, while 95 participants from 35 countries will take part in the Inspirational Labs.

    This year the East & West spotlight countries are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine & Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

    Over 500 film professionals from more than 50 countries are expected at WEMW soon.

    WEMW 2024 is organised by the FVG Audiovisual Fund in collaboration with the Trieste Film Festival, EAVE, Creative Europe Desk Italy, and with support from Creative Europe MEDIA, MIC - Direzione Generale per il Cinema, CEI – Central European Initiative, Film Center Serbia, Ciclic - Centre-Val de Loire Region and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

    Co-Production Forum Selected Projects:

    Animal (Spain, France)
    Directed by Amaia Remírez García, Raúl De la Fuente Calle
    Produced by Kanaki Films
    Coproduced by Bellota Films

    Cosmonauts (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia)
    Directed by Leo Černic
    Produced by Finta Film
    Coproduced by Staragara IT, Adriatic Animation

    Hystera (Greece, Germany)
    Directed by Asimina Proedrou
    Produced by Untamed Films
    Coproduced by Fiction Park

    Invisible (Colombia)
    Directed by Jorge Forero
    Produced by Marginal Cine

    Joy (France)
    Directed by Agata Wieczrorek
    Produced by Futur antérieur production

    La Mancha (France, Mexico)
    Directed by Lindsey Cordero, Armando Croda
    Produced by so-cle
    Coproduced by Bengala

    Lenin's Pawn (Republic of Moldova)
    Directed by Dragos Turea
    Produced by Parmis Film

    Let It Roll (Brazil)
    Directed by Caru Alves de Souza
    Produced by Manjericão Filmes

    Made in Mud (Spain)
    Directed by Anna Llargués
    Produced by Mayo Films

    Marathon (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary)
    Directed by Peter Kerekes
    Produced by kerekesfilm
    Coproduced by Hypermarket Film, Eclipse Film

    Rebellion of Memory (Switzerland, Peru, France)
    Directed by Joël Jent
    Produced by Aaron Film GmbH
    Coproduced by Amazona Producciones, Les Films d'Ici

    Sonia (Hungary)
    Directed by Péter Akar, Rita Balogh
    Produced by Campfilm Kft.

    Strange Sea (Azerbaijan)
    Directed by Lala Aliyeva
    Produced by Yaman Film

    The Amateur Photographer's Family Portrait (Georgia)
    Directed by Nurlan Hasanli
    Produced by Radium Films

    The Blue Sweater with a Yellow Hole (Ukraine)
    Directed by Tetiana Khodakivska
    Produced by Pronto Film in association with Babylon 13 and Moon Man

    The Broken R (Ecuador, Italy)
    Directed by Ricardo Ruales
    Produced by Incubadora
    Coproduced by Small Boss

    The Hand (Portugal)
    Directed by Alexander David
    Produced by Rua Escura Crl

    The Man Who Played the Saxophone (Armenia)
    Directed by Aram Shahbazyan
    Produced by OnOff Studio LLC
    Coproduced by Silhouette Studio LLC

    Turquoise Mountain (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Barbora Chalupová
    Produced by Nochi Film
    Coproduced by Hitchhiker Cinema

    Vittoria (Italy)
    Directed by Alessandro Cassigoli, Casey Kauffman
    Produced by Ladoc / Zoe Films
    Coproduced by Sacher Film

    Womaniser (Bulgaria, UK)
    Directed by Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova
    Produced by Activist38
    Coproduced by Dan Films

    Last Stop Trieste Selected Projects:

    Abandoned (Lithuania, France)
    Directed by Vytautas Puidokas
    Produced by Uku Films (Lithuania)
    Coproduced by Grande Ourse Films

    Blueberry Dreams (Georgia, France, Belgium)
    Directed by Elene Mikaberidze
    Produced by Parachute Films
    Coproduced by Wide Studios, Iota Production

    Dad’s Lullaby (Ukraine, Romania, Croatia)
    Directed by Lesia Diak
    Produced by DramaFree
    Coproduced by Filmways, Petnaesta Umjetnost

    December (Poland, Lithuania)
    Directed by Grzegorz Paprzycki
    Produced by Telemark
    Coproduced by Just a Moment

    Forbidden (Romania)
    Directed by Anelise Salan
    Produced by The L studio & Labyrinth Films

    Pavilion 6 (Croatia, UK)
    Directed by Goran Dević
    Produced by Petnaesta Umjetnost in association with BBC

    This is IT Selected Projects:

    100 Litres of Gold (Finland, Italy)
    Directed by Teemu Nikki
    Produced by It’s Alive Films Oy
    Coproduced by The Culture Business

    Before Memory (Uruguay)
    Directed by Joaquín González Vaillant
    Produced by Bocacha Films
    Coproduced by Jabalina Films

    Caravan (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy)
    Directed by Zuzana Kirchnerová
    Produced by MasterFilm
    Coproduced nutprodukcia, Tempesta

    The Last Summer (Portugal, Italy, Argentina)
    Directed by João Nuno Pinto
    Produced by Wonder Maria Filmes
    Coproduced by Albolina Films, Aurora Cine

    Man of the House (Albania, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Greece) Directed by Andamion Murataj
    Produced by Lissus Media
    Coproduced by Palomar S.p.A., Ellly Films Gmbh, Pelagnje Snova d.o.o., Thumbs Up, Manufaktura Production, Akran

    The Remnants of You (Spain, Italy, Portugal)
    Directed by Gala Gracia
    Produced by Potenza Producciones
    Coproduced by Bastian Films, Sajama Films, Garbo Produzioni, Fado Filmes

    Still Here (Italy, Sri Lanka, France)
    Directed by Suranga D. Katugampala
    Produced by 5e6
    Coproduced by Rai Cinema, Okta Film, Kaiya Collective, Suboscura Films

    Still Life with Ghosts (Spain, France, Serbia)
    Directed by Enrique Buleo
    Produced by Quatre Films Audiovisuales S.L
    Coproduced by Cuidado con elperro, IKKI FILMS, This and That Productions

    Weightless (Italy)
    Directed by Sara Fgaier
    Produced by Limen
    Coproduced by Avventurosa, Dugong Films

    First Cut+ Selected Projects:

    Celebration (Croatia)
    Directed by Bruno Anković
    Produced by Eclectica

    Continent (Brazil)
    Directed by Davi Pretto
    Produced by Vulcana Cinema

    Hana (Kosovo)
    Directed by Ujkan Hysaj
    Produced by AJO Pictures

    Hunger Strike Breakfast (Lithuania)
    Directed by Karolis Kaupinis
    Produced by M-Films

    March to May (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Martin Repka
    Produced by Breathless Films

    Tropicana (Israel)
    Directed by Omer Tobi
    Produced by Medalia Productions

    Wishing on a Star (Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Taiwan)
    Directed by Peter Kerekes
    Produced by Videomante
    Coproduced by Artcam Films, Kerekes Film, Mischief Films, Restart, Volos Films

    (The) White Flash (the Netherlands)
    Directed by Laura Hermanides
    Produced by Family Affair Films

    EAVE Slate Selected Companies:

    80 Mundos SRL (Argentina), producer Maria Eugenia Lombardi
    Campfilm (Hungary), producer Sára László
    Casatarantula (Colombia), producer Nicolas van Hemelryck
    Chullachaki Cine (Peru), producer Enid Campos
    December (December.si, Slovenia), producer Vlado Bulajić
    dispàrtes.r.l. (Italy), producer Alessandro Amato
    Enquadramento Produções (Brazil), producer Leonardo Mecchi
    Fünferfilm UG (Germany), producer Julia Cöllen
    Gargantua Films (Serbia), producer Marko Paljic
    Goldman Film (the Netherlands), producer Edwin Goldman
    PIPSER d.o.o. (Croatia), producer Miljenka Čogelja
    Sisyfos Film Production (Sweden), producer Ashley Smith

    Click HERE to find more about the Co-Production Forum selection, HERE for Last Stop Trieste, This is IT, First Cut+ and EAVE Slate, and HERE for the Inspirational Labs’ participants.