Medialink Corporate Strategies as a leader in cultural consulting

By FNE Staff

    Medialink Cororpate Strategies (MCS) established in 2003 is a PR, advertising, information distribution and sponsorship consulting agency specialized in central and eastern European corporate and cultural projects.

    MCS brings together talented groups of people on a project by project basis to build the best creative team for each and every project. For its work in the cultural sphere its philosophy is that of a group that participates in public private partnerships helping culture meet business on business terms with an understanding of the interests of the business community in matters of sponsorship. Too often cultural organizations fail to understand that sponsorship is not a gift it is a business proposal that should bring benefits to both cultural and corporate entities. Experience in formulating the benefits that the support of cultural project can bring to business has resulted in bringing together many business and cultural partners.

    MCS is committed to the highest standards of cultural activity within the European Union and worldwide. Culture is not something only for the elite. Culture defines the identity of the peoples that make up the European Union and its function in defining that identity is at the very root of the EU itself. Business that identifies the function of culture as identity also benefits in a broader social context. Too often the cultural aspect is undervalued in terms of real value that it brings in business terms. MCS assists cultural organizations in defining this value and bringing it to the attention of the business community.

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