Film New Europe Salutes the President of the Polish Filmmakers Association Jacek Bromski

By FNE Staff

    Film New Europe Salutes the President of the Polish Filmmakers Association Jacek Bromski for Outstanding Contribution to European Cinema Art.

    FNE publishes the following biography of this outstanding director, screenwriter, producer, courtesy of the Polish Filmmakers Association.

    Born in 1946 in Wrocław. In 1965-1970, he studied Art at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, in 1972-1974 - Polish philology at the University of Warsaw, and between 1974 and 1978 - directing at the Film School in Łódź.

    In the 60s, he was a music presenter, and hosted music radio broadcasts and music festivals. In 1980, along with Jerzy Gruza, he directed a musical "Alice", based on Lewis Caroll's novel, a co-production of Poland, Belgium and England. In 1984, he shot a feature television film "Funeral Party", for which he received the debut prize at the Gdansk Polish Film Festival in 1985.

    His two following features - the action film "Kill me cop " and the romantic comedy "The Art of Love" were a great success with the audience, and are still one of the most watched Polish films of the 80s. "The Art of Love" was prized by the audience as the best film of 1988, and the film "Kill me Cop" was awarded with the Minister of Culture prize.

    Between 1991-1993, he directed a television series, as well as feature films from the series: "Polish Cuisine", which was a panorama of the fate of a few Polish families since the times of Stalin until the beginning of the 90s. The series "Polish Cuisine" won the public's plebiscite for most popular film of 1993.

    Bromski's following two films - "Children and Fishes" and "In Heaven as is on Earth" are extremely popular comedies in the context of Poland's new reality. "In Heaven as is on Earth", a warm picture of the Polish countryside on the border with Belorussia, has received a record number of awards (7) at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Its sequel, “God’s little garden", produced in 2007 was seen by over 312 K viewers and was awarded with Special Prize at the 32nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

    "It's me, the Thief ", a dramatic, bitter comedy about teenage car thieves is the most awarded film in Jacek Bromski's career. In 2001, he received the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival in Mar del Plata, as well as the Catholic jury honorary mention, and the award for best screenplay. A few months later, the film was awarded for best screenplay and directing at the Wine Country Film Festival in California.

    His political satire, "The Career of Nikos Dyzma" was one of the greatest cinema hits in 2002. Since 1988, along with director Juliusz Machulski, Bromski is head of the Film Studio "Zebra". He is the producer of such hits as: Machulski's "Kiler" (1997), "Two Kilers", (1999), “Superb production" (2002) and Władysław Pasikowski's "Kroll" (1991), and "Dogs", (1992). As producer, he was thrice awarded with the Golden Lions at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for the films "Girl Guide", by Juliusz Machulski (1995), "Debt", by Krzysztof Krauze (1999), and "The Day of Wacko", by Marek Koterski (2002). He is co-producer of Jerzy Stuhr films, such as "Love stories" (FIPRESCI prize in Venice in 1997), "A week in the Life of a Man" (1999) and " Tomorrow's Weather" (2003).

    Jacek Bromski is widely known in Poland and in Europe as a specialist of the audiovisual branch, and film copyright. For many years, he had been member of the Cinematography Committee. Since 1996 he has been President of the Polish Filmmakers Association, the largest and most signifying film professionals organization in Poland. He is the co-founder of the collective copyright management organization, operating alongside the Association.

    During his term of office the Polish Filmmakers Association has reached a leading position among homologous organizations in this part of Europe. PFA is one of the best known and most effective authors’ organisation in Poland. Bromski keeps professional relations with the most important filmmakers organizations in Europe. PFA has signed cooperation and mutual protection of copyrights contracts with a few dozen organizations in Europe, Asia (a.o. in China) and in America.

    Since 2000, Jacek Bromski is a member of the General Assembly of the international producer's organization AGICOA, and a President of World Cinema Alliance organisation established in 2007. He was also a vice-president of the International Association of Audiovisual Authors, AIDAA (Association Internationale des Auteurs de l'Audiovisuel). His contribution to the process of organizing the copyright market in Poland and helping by establishing the Polish Film Institute are one of his greatest achievements in this field. Since 2005 he has been a President of PISF’s Council.

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