Dolby sees growth in Central Europe

By FNE Staff
    Dolby Laboratories, Inc. pointed to Slovenia and a projected move into Poland as growth factors for the company in the year ahead.

    President and CEO Kevin Yeaman singled out Slovenia as the first country in Central Europe to announce specifications that call for HE ACC and Dolby Digital Plus devices in the area of broadcasting. Dolby Digital Plus is used in home theatre applications, while HE ACC maximizes bandwidth efficiency.

    Ramzi Haidamus, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said the next step by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (www.dolby.com) is likely to be a move into Poland and Russia.

    The company also noted that when dealing with small territories such as Slovenia, where cross border TV transmission with neighbors are the norm, there would be a logical effort to standardize equipment.

    The comments were made during the company's second quarter 2009 fiscal results conference call on April 30, for the period ending March 27, 2009. Overall, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. saw second quarter revenues up 18%, at $204. million.