EGEDA offers safe film downloading site

By Patricia Koza

    The Spanish Audiovisual Producers' Rights Association, or EGEDA, has entered the world of digital distribution by offering a service that allows producers and distributors to directly manage their rights for digital distribution while gaining direct access to the public via the safe downloading of films.

    The website www.filmotech.com was launched in March and formally presented internationally at the Cannes film festival. It provides for downloading of European films, TV series, documentaries and short films, which Egeda believes may be of special interest in the new European Union member states.

    "Egeda offers to producers and distributors of the 12 new EU member states [the opportunity] to put their films on line on the website www.filmotech.com to have a direct access to a European public," said spokeswoman Gabrielle Thil in an email exchange with Film New Europe.

    "It permits the extension of the commercial life of their films, both in terms of length of exploitation as well as geographical area," she said.

    Egeda offers producers and distributors free, safe digitalization of their selected works and provides them a copy of each title that is digitalized.

    Under the not-for-profit program, 65% of the net revenues from downloads go to the rights-holders of the films. The remaining 35% would be used for sustaining www.filmotech.com promotion, management, and operating costs, and reinvested for fighting piracy, technology, research and development on digital distribution.