New Agnieszka Holland project lures producers at CentEast

By Katarzyna Nowakowska

    Warsaw (CentEast Daily News) -- Polish director Agnieszka Holland's new film project, Christine - War My Love, presented as a new project at the CentEast Market in Warsaw, is getting a lot of interest from potential co-producers

    With a €10 million to €15 million budget, Christine - War My Love is a thriller based on the real-life story of a woman spy during World War II. Christine Granville, in fact a Polish count's daughter named Krystyna Skarbek, was a member of British Intelligence and completed many dangerous missions.

    Rafał Buks of Poland's SPI International Polska, which will produce the film, was extremely pleased with the reception of the project. "The interest of prospective co-producers exceeded my expectations," said Buks, who also presented the film at the Mannheim-Heidelberg festival In Germany. He is currently negotiating with companies in Germany, France and the UK.

    Based on the 1975 novel by Madeleine Masson, the story of Christine Granville will be adapted for the screen by Dominik Wieczorkowski-Rettinger. This is his second collaboration - after the series Ekipa made for Polish TV station Polsat - with Holland, whose most recent feature was Copying Beethoven. With an English dialogue, the film will shoot in Europe and Africa