FNE Cannes Party Alert !! - Thursday 14 May 2009

    Please remember that your FNE publishes insider party information. But this is NOT an invitation. To attend any of these events you MUST have an invitation from the party organizers ! !

    Thursday 14 May 2009

    16:00-18:00 Cocktail Opening of the Russian Pavillion: Cannes Market By Invitation ONLY

    17:00 Polish National Stand Welcome Cocktail: By Invitation ONLY

    20:30 Marche Du Film Opening Party: For Market Participants: By invitation ONLY

    Evening: Opening party of Quiziane Des Realisateurs following opening screening: By invitation ONLY

    FNE Screening Alert:

    Tomorrow is a big day for Estonian film so put this on your calendar


    May 15 13:30 Star

    Action drama

    92 min


    Dir. Asko Kase

    #7 highest grossing film in Estonia in 2008 (50 369 viewers)

    Producer: Artur Talvik, Eetriüksus, Estonia

    Newly-weds Tanel and Anna Rõuk decide to leave Estonia to look for luck and better life in Paris. They pack their belongings and go to the Baltic Railway Station on the dark early morning of December 1, 1924. In the previous hours, however, communist revolutionists have launched an attack in Tallinn that changes their plans drastically.

    Anna is taken hostage by the communist leader. Tanel manages to escape and must, in the following cliff-hanging events, rescue both his wife and in the end also the young Estonian Republic.



    May 15 20:30 Palais G


    100 min


    Dir: Hannu Salonen

    National premiere: January 22 2009


    Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, Allfilm, Estonia

    Jarkko Hentula, Juonifilmi, Finland

    Philipp Homberg, Homberg Filmproduktion, Germany Wide Eyed Films, Ireland

    Tom, an easygoing young boy, ends up in a hospital with a Chechen man Artur, after having saved his life in a bomb explosion. Tom attaches quickly to this mysterious man, helping him to escape from the hospital.

    A kind of friendship evolves between them, Artur trying to keep Tom away from his personal war. Tom is thrown into dramatic events that abruptly open his eyes. The chain of death and vengeance seems unstoppable and the question arises if Tom will become a part of it.