ScripTeast holds fouth session in Cannes

By FNE Staff

    The final session of the fourth edition of ScripTeast (www.scripteast.pl), the training program for scriptwriters from Central and Eastern Europe, will be held May 13-20 in Cannes.

    The projects participating in the program are competing for the Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award, to be presented on Wednesday, May 19, at Plage des Palmes.

    The projects competing for the Award are:

    Aurora, Kristina Buožytė and Bruno Samper (Lithuania)

    Breaking News, Ana Agopian and Iulia Rugina (Romania)

    Burned, Hanna Slak (Slovenia)

    How to Make Friends, Gábor Ferenczi and Can Togay (Hungary)

    Memories of My Heart, Irena Hejdová (Czech Republic)

    Polystyrene, Zuzana Belková (Slovakia)

    Raduigram, Rouzie Hassanova (Bulgaria)

    Return, Maciej Pieprzyca (Poland)

    Riders, Janis Vingris (Latvia)

    The Day of Chocolate, Jacek Bławut (Poland)

    The Judgment, Stephan Komandarev and Marin Damyanov (Bulgaria)

    White Elephant, Maciej Wszelaki (Poland)