FNE at Cannes IFF 2010: The World is Big Peddles to the Far East

By Anna Franklin
    CANNES: Stephan Komandarev's The World is Big and Salvation is Lurks Just Around the Corner was sold for theatrical release in Japan and Canada by sales outfit M-Appeal (www.m-appeal.com)s during Cannes.

    The popular Bulgarian title has now been sold to over 30 territories worldwide. M-Appeal said Slovenian Girl by Damjan Kozole was sold for theatrical release to Mexico.

    Other Cannes deals included Budapest based Hungaricom (www.hungaricom.com) who sold five Hungarian titles to Paycom Multimedia in Spain - Just Sex and Nothing Else, Chameleon, Made in Hungaria, A Kind of America 2 and Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita.