CINEMA CONCERN MOSFILM: A Proud History Combined With State-of-the-Art Film Production Technology


    Cinema Concern Mosfilm is both Russia’s oldest and its newest film studio. Founded in 1923 the studio combines a proud history that includes the greatest names in world cinematography with state-of-the art production facilities that today host the demanding professional producers of Russia’s booming film and television industry. Foreign producers are also increasingly discovering the advantages of working with Mosfilm when they shoot in the Russian capitol.

    Mosfilm is Europe’s largest studio facility and recent investments in upgrading its equipment and infrastructure have also made it one of the best. In 2006 Mosfilm became the first studio in the world to receive the Dolby Laboratories certificate of quality as Dolby Premier Studio.

    The studios have 14 pavilions with a total of 12 000 square meters available for film and video production with the capacity to produce more than 140 films a year.

    More than 2500 films have been produced at Mosfilm since its beginning, many of them classics of world cinema that have won awards at festivals throughout the world. Directors that have worked at the studios during its history read like a who’s who of cinema history. Sergei Eisenstein, Alexander Dovzhenko, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Ivan Pyryev, Grigori Aleksandrov, Mikhail Romm, Grigori Chukhrai, Mikhail Kalatozov, Andrei Tarkovsky, Sergei Bondarchuk and many others.

    Today is no different with Russian cinema taking its place once again on the world stage and directors like Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch), Fyodor Bondarchuk (Company 9) and many many others are also creating new works on the Mosfilm sound stages. It would not be exaggerating to say that one of the key factors in the current Russian cinema boom is the modernization of Mosfilm Studios which provided the domestic film industry with the up-to-date technology to compete for today’s audience which expects high production standards.

    Since 1998 Mosfilm has been headed by famous Russian director and producer Karen Shakhnazarov, one of the masters of Russian and European cinema. Shakhnazarov continues to direct and produce his own films so he knows and understands the requirements of today’s cinema industry. He has carried on Mosfilm’s tradition begun in the studios’s earliest days of attracting the best talents in the film industry by providing them with the highest quality production facilities.

    “Today almost all domestic films, TV and video programmes in production are made using Mosfilm facilities. Thus it is not only the biggest studios in terms of producing feature films in Russia and in the world, but it also has the biggest studio facility equipped to the highest modern standards both in our country and in the whole of Europe.” said Shakhnazarov.

    Besides film production, Mosfilm is an ambassador for cinema. Mosfilm actively participates in festivals and weeks of the Russian cinema abroad, and on a regular basis carries out meetings with representatives of domestic and foreign cinema.

    In April, 2005. Mosfilm was awarded the prestigious Medal of Monaco for “ For dynamism and progress” as leading enterprise of the film industry of Russia.


    Address: Russia, Moscow, 119991, Mosfilmovskay str.,1

    Phone: +7 495 143-91-00, 143-97-85

    Site: www.mosfilm.ru

    JOIN US: Mosfilm has at its disposal everything one needs for the entire cycle of film production from the literary script to the finished film print.

    Mosfilm produces, distributes, sells cinema, TV and video productions, and renders services throughout the entire cycle of film production:

    -- placing our production base at the disposal of cinema and TV organizations and individuals;

    -- expert advice and selection of necessary materials for cinema and TV films as well as TV programmes;

    -- all kinds of sound record during cinema and video film production in DOLBY STEREO SR and DOLBY DIGITAL;

    -- costume sewing and hire;

    -- hire of authentic old models of cars, military equipment, properties;

    -- hire of Аrriflex cinema equipment;

    -- many different workshops with highly skilled specialists

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