Opalesque webinar explores alternative film financing

By FNE Staff

    Cyprus based alternative investment firm Opalesque hosts a webinar May 13 with film financing experts.

    The interactive webinar features executives from two London based firms that specialize in film financing. Barbarian Films, LLC, represented by principal Aaron Kaufman, is focused on short film production, emphasizing low costs and high quality. Simon Fawcett, chief executive of Aramid Capital Partners, represents the Aramid Entertainment Fund which concentrates on opportunities in three main areas of lending: discounting tax credits, bridge financing, and gap financing. Sona Blessing, Opalesque (www.opalesque.com) director of Research, moderates the webinar.

    Topics to be addressed include debt financing, risk management, and debt versus equity investment opportunities. The webinar is scheduled for 16.00 GMT, (17.00 Central Europe time).