3D Drives Digital Screen Growth in CEE

By FNE Staff

    A new report from the European Audiovisual Observatory shows that the growth of digital screens in Central and East European territories is largely comprised of 3D screens. While some CEE countries kept pace with the EU average growth of over 100% from 2009 to 2010, the number of digital screens is still modest in much of the region.

    The Czech Republic and Turkey saw some of the most impressive numbers. In the Czech Republic, where there were just 2 digital sites and 2 screens in 2008, there was a dramatic jump to 42 sites with 50 screens in 2009, and 50 sites with 133 screens. However the average number of screens per site, at 1.4, shows much room for development. In Turkey, there were 118 sites with 205 screens in 2010, up from 51 sites and 62 screens in 2009.

    Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Estonia -- all countries that are still relatively underserved by multiplexes and cinemas -- had larger concentrations of digital screens per site, all falling within a range of 3.4 - 3.7 digital screens per site, on the high end of the scale.

    In Croatia, Lithuania, Serbia and Slovenia, 3D screens account for 100% of digital screens. In Hungary, with only 56 screens, the percentage of 3D screens is 98.2%, and in Poland, with 324 screens, 3D screens account for 95.7% of all digital screens.

    A detailed report is available at www.obs.coe.int/about/oea/pr/digitalcinema2011.html.