PRODUCTION: Portaits in a Forest Completes Shoot

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Romanian director Dinu Tănase wraps filming 19 October 2011 on Portraits in a Forest, a contemporary police story involving a crime and an officer solving the case. Shooting started in September, takeing place in Bucharest and other Romanian towns.

    Portrete în pădure/Portraits in a Forest is produced by Alexandru Iclozan and Casaro Film. The project received a production grant of 189,106 Euro (799,920 RON) from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) in 2009, and is also supported by the Romanian Public Television (www.tvr.ro). The budget is 279,000 Euro (1,200,000 RON), Iclozan told FNE.

    Tănase wrote the script. Pătru Păunescu is the DOP. The cast includes: Dan Condurache, Avram Iclozan, Lari Georgescu, and Ofelia Popii. The premiere is set for 2012.

    Production Information

    Casaro Film

    53 Icoanei street, Sector 1

    Bucureşti, România

    Phone/Fax: +


    Director: Dinu Tănase

    Script: Dinu Tănase

    DOP: Pătru Păunescu

    Cast: Dan Condurache

    Avram Iclozan

    Lari Georgescu

    Ofelia Popii