PRODUCTION: The Last Shepherds in Production

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Romanian director Dumitru Budrala is working on a long observational documentary encompassing an ancient occupation, Păstoritul transhumant/ The Last Shepherds.

    The film, with a budget of 30,000 RON, won a development grant from the Pre-Media Program ( ec.europa.eu/culture/media).

    The director says that he wants to capture what can still be kept from the pastoral civilization in the Carpathian Mountains, a civilization which is slowly coming to an end. "If I can catch that in my movie, I think it should be enough," he told FNE.

    He shot in the Carpathian Mountains to the Hungarian borders for four years, and he has begun editing. He plans to finish both shooting and editing this winter. The film is produced by ASTRA National Museum Complex (www.muzeulastra.ro) and Astra Film Foundation. Budrala is producing. He is also the DOP, but he used several additional cameramen during the four years of shooting. Ana Toader is editing.

    The premiere is set for 2012, and it could screen at ASTRA Film Fest (www.astrafilm.ro), if Budrala, who also run the festival, manages to switch it from a biennial to an annual festival.

    Production Information


    11 Piaţa Mică, Sibiu

    jud. Sibiu, 550182, Romania

    Phone: +40-269-218195

    Fax: +40-269-218060


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    Director: Dumitru Budrala

    DOP: Dumitru Budrala

    DOP: Ana Toader