PRODUCTION: Ho Ho Ho 2: A Family Lottery Begins Filming

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: A sequel to the family film Ho Ho Ho started filming on 7 November 2011 and is expecting to wrap 2 December,, representatives of the production company MediaPro Pictures (www.mediapropictures.com) told FNE. The director Jesus del Cerro is working on the script written by an American, Collin Jay Blair, and adapted into Romanian by Gabriela Ceuta. Alma Sârbu is producing for MediaPro Pictures. Shooting is taking place in and around Bucharest.

    Ho Ho Ho 2: A Family Lottery: Ho Ho Ho 2: O loterie de familie will be once again a Christmas comedy, following the concept of the original, which was the second highest grossing film on the Romanian box-office in 2009. The story concerms a little girl from an orphanage who wins the lottery but can't take the money without having an adult by her side. The main characters are played by the child actor Patricia Poslusnic and Dragoş Bucur, Andreea Marin Bănică, Gheorghe Visu and Dana Rogoz. Viorel Sergovici is the DOP.

    The premiere is set for December 2012.

    Production information

    MediaPro Pictures

    1 Studioului Str, Buftea, Ilfov

    Phone: +40.(0).318.251.840

    Fax: +40. (0).318.251.196


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    Credits :

    Director: Jesus del Cerro

    Script: Collin Jay Blair, adapted in Romanian by Gabriela Ceuta

    DOP: Viorel Sergovic

    Cast: Patricia Poslusnic

    Dragoş Bucur

    Andreea Marin Bănică

    Gheorghe Visu

    Dana Rogoz